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Macaddino di Macaddino Sonia | 28, Via Caracciolo - 20155, Milan (Italy) | P.IVA 09514770966
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Sonia Macaddino

“ I still remember the smell of the first coloured pencils found in the kindergarten.”

Sonia Macaddino is a Fashion Designer, creative visionaire, indipendent soul and the guru of her own ideas. She is based in Milan.

Her passion for art was born with her. She moved to Milan six years ago and is currently working in the field of fashion photography as fashion stylist.

Fashion for Sonia Macaddino is a sensitive inner and social perception, and in her ideas she recreates the “between dimension”, that median area where dream, half-consciousness, reality and cosmic perspective meet.

Sonia wants to approach design starting from the subject of her aesthetic: it is not only the fabric but the interaction that this has with the wearer. The eclectic dimension of the woman imagined by Sonia Macaddino has no boundaries. You could ask her everything and discover that she loves all kinds of music and art.  In a phrase, she simply loves living.